Arsenal Photo

Historical Significance

"The building was completed in 1862. It housed the cannon works or cannon production area. Several of the cannons are still located in Tennessee at the site of the battle of Chicamugua. This building was one of the first to be converted when the Arsenal grounds became a high school in 1907. In 1907, it became the Winonna Vocational School, which went bankrupt in 1909. Indianapolis Public Schools opened Tech in September of 1912, with overflow students from Manual High School, under the direction of Milo Stuart, who was the principal at Manual and later became the principal of Tech. The tower, housing an authentic 19th century wind-up clock, was added in 1865. Currently, the clock does work. It chimes on the half-hour and the hour. It is one of only 3 clocks of its type remaining in the United States. The upper area of the clock tower remains much as it was in the early days of the Arsenal. The Arsenal itself has had extensive remodeling due to a fire in 1993. The area where the main desk is today was once the main elevator; which was used to haul the cannon from level to level. The elevator is still in the attic. It has been speculated that the Arsenal was a target for Morgan's Raiders. Copperheads (southern sympathizers) plotted to blow up the Arsenal in 1863. The attempt led to the arrest of Mr. Milligan and a Supreme Court case (ex parte Milligan).

The trees in front of the Arsenal were originally planted as a memorial to World War One.

Current Use

The Arsenal currently houses the main administrative offices of Arsenal Technical High School, such as: principal's office, financial office, attendance office, and discipinary office.